Field tracker of the year 2015

Today was a day with so much mixed emotions! At the grand special show BISS-16 they handed out the rewards for 2015 years Best Field Tracking Ridgebacks. 
Vintra got a really nice placement as 4th best field tracker 2015! She took her aptitude test in april 2015 and from that day she have just improved over the year. She even recieved a honours prize with the comment: "I have never judged a better Ridgeback" A huge compliment from a judge that have judged a lot of Ridgebacks over the years. So incredible proud!!!

And then the sad part. Vimla was 3rd best Ridgeback 2015. She just gave her all every time. Her last track she took in december, just 2 days before getting sick. I have no words to describe her. She was simply the best and days like this you just cry, of sorrow, missing and love <3



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