Show wekend in Lithuania

This weekend we took a trip to Panevėžys in Lithuania together with Paula, Grief and Baxter. Paulas mom Leloo was allso going with us as the best cheer leader!

First day Vintra was winning the openclass and later got the BOS! That was just excactly what we were hoping for. A class CAC and a N-CAC!

Last day we were second best bich only beeten by Vintras cousine Aresvuma Tilanga Zoe (dougter of Paalikas sister). And our traveling company got what they were hoping for. J-CAC for Baxter (Royalty Rocks Lord Baxter) and BOB with class CAC and N-CAC for Greif (

Anzantras The Fifth Dimension).

Super great weekend. We all were very happy and proud over our dogs and the great results!

This weekend was probably not the most culinary, but we were satisfied anyway :)



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