Having a bitch in heat over new year is exciting. All the labs are closed for testing progesterone so to be on the safe side we started our journey early.
So while waiting for Vintra to be ready we spend our time relaxing and meeting good friends. And seeing lot of nice places up in the lovely alps!

New years eve we celebrated with Bhanus breeder and owners. With his mother, sister and one of his sons. Silvester as they call this evening was super with great hospitality and amazing food.

The day after we meet Ana-Isabel and her pack. After so many years of friendship online it was about time! Anabel had Vintras grandpa and is a breeding on relatives ro Vintra in Bukurus side. We had so much to talk about and it was so fun to see all the similarities between her bitches and Vintra.

More pictures will come when we are at home.

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