This you get from us:

When the puppy moves from us it's:

  • Veterinary Inspected / Health examination not older than 7 days.
  • Vaccinated & dewormed
  • Id-Chip
  • Insurance for hidden defects

This you will get when you buy a puppy from us:

    • Pedigree & registration with the Swedish Kennel Club.
    • Export Pedigree if the puppy should be exported.
    • Ridgeback school (only in Swedish)
    • The food for the first days.
    • A photo album on your particular puppy and the first time with us.
    • Custom binder with information about both your puppy and other important and interesting to you as new buyers. (As far as it's possible in english).
    • One year membership SRRS (Special Club Rhodesian Ridgeback Sweden) (Only for the Swedish registrated puppies).
    • Blanket / toy with fragrances from the mother and siblings
    • Swim education at "Hundsimmet" For puppies who have the posibility and who live nearbuy.

    OUR EXPECTATIONS ON YOU as a puppy buyer:

      • That the puppy becomes a natural part of your family. That you take care of it as a beloved family member in the best possible way!
      • That you do the X-ray of hips and elbows (HD / ED) on your dog when it is fully grown, about 1.5 years of age.
        This is important both for me and my breeding, and also important for you as a puppy buyer. If it your dog gets complaints of hip or elbow, it is of most importance that you know about it and learn to take care of your dog in the best possible way for the future.
      • Have if possible a mental test (in Sweden called BPH or MH) Preferably together with the rest of the litter. At 12-15 month of age in Sweden.
      • That you always feel that you are welcome to contact me. Whether you have sad or hapy news.

      WHAT CAN YOU expect from us?

        • A lifelong support both in good and bad times
        • Regular puppy meetings.
        • We will organize mental test as BPH or MH, when the puppies are around 12-15 months.
        • I will always help you the best I can in your dog ownership. And the questions that are too difficult or outside my area of expertise, I will of course try to find out or to guide you to were to find the answers.