To think of before you buy a puppy

Many people say that the most important investment in life is a house ...

When you seriously start thinking about getting a dog, it is easy that your emotion is taking over ;)
That's why I would like you to think through some qustions before taking the decision of a new family member .

What's my expectations on a dog? Why do I wan't a dog in my life? What will I do with my dog?

A family member
A dog lives hopefully for 8-12 years and it will be a member of your family! A dog requires a lot of love, care, exercise and activating every day throughout their hole life.

How does your days look like?
Have you thought about how your dog will spend their days?
Will it be home alone and for how long?
Does it have a place in a day care center?
Will the dog follow you to work?
Are you at home with the dog all days?

The purchase price of a dog is just the initial cost.
You should consider if you can afford to give your dog a good life. It includes everything from food, insurance, veterinary care, toys, training, activation. Maybe sometimes a new car with extra space for the dog crate, etc.
But it may also include eaten furniture, clothing, chewed shoes and in the worst cases, compensation for damage on other peopels properties.

A dog is ofcourse not just hard work, problems and expenses. A dog that gets all its needs fullfilled will in return give you all it's love and affection. The dog will be your best friend every day of his life <3

Because a home without a dog is just a house!