Litter info

Born: 2018.03.05
15 puppies. All with correct ridges, black noses and white marks
  8 males, 1 with kink tail, 2 with DS
  5 females, 1 with kink tail and  1 with DS and maybe slightly offset
  2 males still born. 1 correct, 1 with DS/Sinus and not fully developed

Sire: Adjoa Bhanu of Vumbuo
Dam: LV CH EE CH SEVCH Riga Winner 15 Frau Vintra Rocks Ajumpaa Nishamba

BornStillbornCorrect  RidgelessRidgefaultKinktailDS
Females50301 slightly offset11

Schedule of the puppies weight the first week

BirthweightDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Increace in %
Mr Orange480gr460gr530gr580gr655gr740gr750gr56%
Miss Okra385gr390gr440gr490gr565gr645gr660gr71%
Miss Yellow430gr410gr445gr510gr555gr640gr675gr56%
Mr Turquoize455gr470gr515gr565gr610gr665gr735gr61%
Mr Green405gr405gr455gr485gr555gr605gr650gr60%
Miss Pink385gr390gr400gr445gr505gr540gr575gr49%
Mr Grey460gr510gr560gr600gr665gr740gr810gr76%
Mr Black415gr420gr465gr535gr585gr685gr700gr68%
Mr Lilac480gr495gr550gr600gr660gr690gr760gr58%
Mr Light Green320gr300gr325gr360gr400gr465gr515gr60%
Miss Red380gr390gr435gr490gr505gr585gr630gr65%
Mr Bordeaux480gr505gr535gr575gr705gr750gr820gr70%
Mr Brown390gr405gr475gr525gr630gr690gr750gr92%

Schedule of the puppies weight

Mr Orange7851.0851.6702.7504.
Miss Okra7201.0551.6252.6053.
Miss Yellow6951.0151.5752.7103.
Mr Turquoise7751.0801.7103.0604.
Mr Green7109601.5252.5453.
Miss Pink6158351.3102.2153.
Mr Grey8301.1151.9103.1104.
Mr Black7551.0501.6702.9103.
Mr Lilac8001.0751.7853.0254.
Mr Lightgreen5507601.2702.1253.
Miss Red6859151.5402.6353.
Mr Bordeaux8751.2651.8903.2804.
Mr Brown8201.1601.8252.8954.