Vintridge awaited an okra

Miss Okra
Born: 2018.03.05

Hight: 67 cm
Weight: 34 kg
ED: 0
Spine: Clear

Aproved Scent test Eukalyptus, Nosework
Aproved apitude test in Field/blood tracking
1st price in Field/blood tracking

Okra is our first-born girl and she who could not move from home.
Born as No. 3 in the litter with a start weight of 385gr.

Okra - a variant of Ockra (In swedish)
Ocher often occurs as ground pigment in yellow, red and brown shades.

Ochre is a family of earth pigments, which includes yellow ochre, red ochre, purple ochre, sienna, and umber. The major ingredient of all the ochres is iron(III) oxide-hydroxide, known as limonite, which gives them a yellow colour.

Ockra has been used since ancient times for body engraving and pouring paintings and for filling in carvings on hobs, rune stones and burial mounds.
Ockra has also been used for medical and cosmetic purposes worldwide. A common interpretation of ocher meaning and function is that the red color symbolizes life and death. Even today, the pigment is used primarily in artistic colors.

In Africa, Ockra has been used as a dye for over 200,000 years. Women in Namibia use a mix of ocher and animal fat for body decoration. The ocher mixture is also applied to the hair after braiding. Men and women in the Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania have also used ocher in the same way.

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