Svea is our trotting horse. She is owned by me, my sisters and parents. Svea lives at my sisters place at a farm just outside Uppsala. And my sister is also the the trainer and the breeder of Svea and her offsprings, Inti and Maya.

Inti is Sveas first born, 2013.
Hi lives at my sisters farm with mom Svea and sister Maya. 
We call him "Plutten" wich means the small one...he is huge! Our silver grey boy is 3years old and still matures. He has some starts at the trotting course, but still needs time to grow and mature. We hope to see more of him att the race tracks during 2017.

Maya is our youngster. She was borned 2015.
In the winter 2016 she will start her training within trotting. And we have high hopes for her, she is a copy of her mom Svea!
Maya also lives at my sisters farm.